More license plates from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year

I don't go out of my way to find these license plates at Maryland. I just notice them as I go about my business.

I find them in both the vendors' and the attendees' parking areas. It's interesting to note the states they're from and the types of vehicles . . . from very workhorse to very upscale.

People who come from far away may have snap-worthy plates at home, but they're stuck here in rental cars or came in chartered buses (there's a specific parking area for the buses, but I haven't found any license plates there that I needed to photograph).

I followed this car out of the fairgrounds when I went to get the things I left at the hotel.


I love this one:


Lots of the vehicles are set up to haul sheep. You'd be amazed what can be fitted into a minivan (which this, of course, isn't).


This is the sort of minivan that is not leaking hay. It probably holds a bunch of skeins, though.


The weavers were well represented this year.


I'd bet the owner of this car can fit more than one skein in it.


Might be pushing it to get six alpacas even in a relatively big truck.


And my two favorites this year:


And. . . .


That's all until next time.


8 thoughts on “More license plates from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year”

  1. As I looked through the license plates, it was shocking to realize I knew who a few of them belong to! Nancy’s Ewe Who has been a staple for years, and a few others are familiar! Can’t wait until you’re back from Salida and we can catch up. I’m envious of the yums you found–the colors, of course, are gorgeous!

  2. I figured somebody might recognize themselves or others. Especially loved the Ewe Who. That’s one well-kept, sturdy, hard-working vehicle, too.

  3. You’re welcome! Vicarious traveling is far better than none, in my opinion. I’ll vicariously travel often. In fact, I’m about to do a little, courtesy of a DVD someone sent me of St Kilda (home of Soay sheep).

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