Impromptu drying racks for sample skeins

Last week's samples, made when I was in an artist's residency away from home, dried in many locations:

Drying rack_2324

The chair held a bunch of skeins, but I had to watch the paint with the white ones; they wanted to pick up flakes of it and hang onto them. And . . .

Drying rack_2342

This watering can was especially good for singles, which I wanted to have dry without twisting but not under tension. And . . .

Drying rack_2343

and . . .

Drying rack_2346

I love the way the bulky two-ply is backlit. It almost looks like an x-ray image.


Here's a bonus view of the highway on the drive home, just east of Kenosha Pass. Visibility was about half as good by the time I got to Conifer. I needed gas, and if I hadn't already known where to find a gas station I wouldn't have been able to locate one. It was a little challenging even so. . . . as was getting back on the highway, which I couldn't see from 50 feet away. But the pavement was clear and most people on the road were, for a change, driving sensibly.


There wasn't a lot of condensing moisture. If there had been, it would have been nice of it to pop over to the other side of the mountains, where it was so dry my skeins only needed a couple of hours before they were ready to label. . . .


I've got more things to post. I'm short on time. In addition to the press of deadlines that I'm working on, I'm planning to attend the Artposium this weekend sponsored by Colorado Art Ranch, with which my residency last week was associated. An "artposium" is a conference that "explores the intersection of the arts with social and scientific matters." I haven't been to one before. I've been told they're terrific. So. . . .


10 thoughts on “Impromptu drying racks for sample skeins”

  1. You know Grant? Well, yes, I will. Small world! I haven’t met him yet, although we’ve e-mailed back and forth about my residency and the artposium, and will be saying hello in person in about an hour.

  2. I can’t find the future list right now. They need to revise their website (and they know it). I know there’s a sustainability one coming next year right here in my town. I wish I’d been able to do the one on mapping, especially. It’s a welcoming group of people: and small enough for real dialog. I did the wire sculpture break-out session on Saturday . . . fun, and completely different for me.

    Last night I went to a presentation by Jeannette Walls (The Glass Castle) and at the reception afterwards spent a good forty-five minutes talking with a friend about what I’d learned at the Artposium this past weekend.

  3. I’ve had really good drying racks at times. No one else would have recognized them: wooden crossbars nailed under the supports of a carport. Fantastic.

  4. I’ve never viewed the cottage through the lens of skein-drying racks, but I like it! We got home today to rain, and you’d hardly recognize the place for the rich fragrance of life awakened, and the flush of moisture-fueled growth already. I think that green may finally return to the valley!

  5. Oh, I’d love to see what rain would do! Lovely! Welcome home. . . .

    I also like to view the places I live through the drying skeinlets. . . .

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