Blog tour for Ethnic Knitting Exploration, plus general progress

Re-entry from the week in the woods has been a little rocky. Here, it feels like I run as hard as I can to stay in place. That's not true: but I do need to make a conscious effort to see the progress.

Here's my attempt to take a picture last night, as the rain began to turn into snow (this morning, it's still snowing):


The stars I saw last week in the mountains were that plentiful and bright.

On the really, really good side: I have been blessed with another week of concentrated writing time, and it will be soon! I learned yesterday that I have an official residency through the Colorado Art Ranch, a nomadic arts organization that holds events throughout the state (it's a fantastic model, and puts together fascinating programs). Susan Tweit and Richard Cabe set the wheels in motion and made sure I committed to do this before I thought of all the reasons I can't leave the office.

Donna's blog tour for Ethnic Knitting Exploration

The blog tour for Donna Druchunas' Ethnic Knitting Exploration started on April 1. I'll be participating on April 10.

As the book's publisher, I'm also still sending out review copies, and I spent yesterday filling out forms to put that book (and all the other Nomad Press titles) into the program that makes them available on the Sony eReader. The books have been making their way into the Amazon Kindle program for the past couple of months (I submitted all the necessary files in January), which means they will also be available on iPhone and iPod Touch with the Kindle for iPhone app that was released about a month ago. They're not showing up on the Kindle lists yet, but not because all the information isn't in the right places. . . . If anybody sees them there before I do, please let me know! I keep checking. . . .

It will be pretty cool, I think, to have ready access while standing in the yarn shop (or in the boarding area at an airport terminal) to books like Donna's Ethnic Knitting series and Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Knitting in the Old Way.

Here's an abbreviated schedule for Donna's blog tour, with a few editorial comments from me (more details at Donna's blog):

April 1 – Theresa Walunas
The Keyboard Biologist
Among other things, Theresa and Donna talk about connecting to our roots through knitting (they're both Lithuanian).
The interview is here.

April 2 – Lorraine Ehrlinger
A blog about Lorraine's knitting, sewing, and other parts of her life.

April 3 – Jean Clement
Desert Rose Designs
Thoughts while designing projects, about personal
projects and the special "awards" Jean knits for RMTA (Rocky Mountain
Trials Association).

April 4 – Lynn DT Hershberger (LynnH)
ColorJoy by LynnH
Lynn is all about color, texture, textiles, music, dance, and movement.

April 5 – Katherine Vaughan
Knit with KT
Katherine talks about her design process for her pattern line, and offers reviews of books and patterns, as well as knitting commentary.

April 6 – Amy O'Neill Houck
The Hook and I
Knitting and crochet musings, techniques, and patterns from a writer and
vegetarian mother of two living in Alaska.

April 7 – Wannietta Prescod
What’s Wannietta Knitting Today?
The three-time and current winner of Canada's Search for the Fastest
Knitter and 3rd fastest in the world at the '08 Knit Out.

April 8 – Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten
The Fiber Forum
Andrea's fiber-related journey through crochet, spinning, knitting,
felting, and more.

April 9 – Peggy Gaffney
Kanine Knits
Portraits of dogs in knitting is what Peggy Gaffney creates
with her unique line of sweaters and accessories, as well as charts of more than a hundred breeds (you could sure use these designs with the Ethnic Knitting structures!). Her sense of the individual breeds is extraordinary. Check it out.

April 10 – Deb Robson
The Independent StitchPart 1 and Part 2
This is me. I had other ideas, but we're going to have Donna interview me. She'll ask interesting questions. I told her to surprise me.

April 11 – Joanne Conklin
Rhythm Of The Needles
A blog about knitting, designing, travel, music, hockey, and more knitting.

April 12 Faina Goberstein
Faina's Knitting Mode
Read and see videos about techniques, design, new books, new

This past week Faina and I took the same online class with Jill Wolcott. The two of us missed the final memo and signed into the wrong "room" for the session and spent about twenty minutes chatting and getting to know each other and wondering where everyone else was. We finally found them, but I really enjoyed the talk with Faina and am glad we got lost.

April 13 – Shannon Okey is author/designer Shannon Okey's website. Shannon's also the editor of Yarn Forward magazine (U.K.) and is doing a fantastic job.

April 14 – Leanne Dyck of Olavia's hand knitting patterns and of book publishing
Designer's Note
Leanne is a knitwear designer and author; she shares news, views, tips, and stories.

April 15 – Kat Coyle
An eclectically creative blog, with knit design, other art forms (including painting), and doing crafts with her young son.

April 16 – Daniel Yuhas
Tatting My Doilies
Lots of
knitting and designing, with forays into math, family, gardening, and really
long bike rides.

April 17 – Kristi Geraci
Knitters Anonymous
The knitting adventures of Cookie and Kristi, friends who knit (and design) a lot of socks, and some other things, too!

April 18 – Karin Maag-Tanchak
knitting &
Karen knits, cooks, writes, and takes pictures. All for one low price.

April 19 – Carol Sulcoski
Go Knit In Your Hat
At Catalyst Coffee, my neighborhood hangout (*which is alive still/again*), they serve excellent food and beverages with "a side of sass." I think of Carol's work in similar fashion: she provides "No-Bull" book reviews, and is the author herself of the excellent Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns.

April 20 – Cindy Moore
I had the pleasure of "meeting" Cindy Moore through one of Donna's previous tours. She's a knitter, spinner, and weaver with a passion for cycling and exercise. She has been rewriting and charting designs from The Art of Knitting
She shares the results first on her blog.

April 21 – Margit Sage
Fiber Fiend
Dyeing, spinning, knitting, and design (with
LOTS of photos). She also talks about being in a fiber
, her dogs, some liberal politics (only linking to
action you can take, not rants), and doing all this despite her particular health challenges (fibromyalgia and intractable migraines). She keeps on truckin'.

April 22 – Audrey Knight
Knitting inspiration, patterns, and tips & techniques.

And back to the regularly scheduled activities

So today I'll be getting a few more review copies out, doing my best to figure out how the new software manages fonts (I need to install new fonts, and assemble and activate/deactivate sets: basic tasks, but apparently so basic that they're covered in one of the final chapters of the manual, as far as I can tell—or so basic they don't need to be discussed in the manual?), and move forward with the editing and layout of several individual patterns, new business cards, and the next two books. . . .

But before I leave, here's what happened when I got home from my writing retreat in the woods:


That's Tussah. She just oozes to where she wants to be. Which is close enough for maximum patting. I was looking a little tired because I'd just driven down from the mountains. I also hadn't found time to get a haircut—overdue by more than a month. Shaggy! (I got one on Thursday night.)


9 thoughts on “Blog tour for Ethnic Knitting Exploration, plus general progress”

  1. Love the photo, even if you do think you look shaggy and tired! Tussah looks very happy, and so for that matter do you. Donna’s tour schedule makes me tired just looking at it, but I know it’ll be great for getting the word out about Ethnic Knitting Exploration. And congrats to you on getting the paperwork done for putting all the Nomad Press titles out in Sony e-reader format. That’s next on my list to nag U of Texas Press about!

    Thanks again for the fabulous stop for my tour for Walking Nature Home!

  2. We are Tussah’s third home (that we know about). She’s been with us for something like five years. In her previous home, she was left alone in a shed (which she chewed her way out of). She is NOT a dog who likes to be alone! We tease her when she’s like this and ask her if she’s missing her shed. . . .

  3. She also ate a deck, and some trees, and when she escaped (*frequently*), she would go play in traffic, looking for SOMEONE to pat her. The people were not truly unkind; they just adopted two kids and no longer had time for the dog. Their vet finally talked them into letting her go for re-homing (it took a while). We offered to foster her. She’s still here. . . .

  4. She ate a deck! She really was anxious. Poor Tussah! It’s a wonderful thing that she found you.

    How’s Donna’s marathon blog book tour going? I checked in at a couple of stops, and I’m impressed, as always, at her ability to manage a stop a day and still say something interesting….

  5. Glad to hear about Kindle availability coming soon!
    Donna’s newest book is awesome, can’t wait to see the blog tour!

  6. Oh, good! Nice to hear that the electronic versions will be welcome. I’ve been doing all the behind-the-scenes work in a vacuum, wondering. . . .

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