Preview: Susan Tweit’s Walking Nature Home

I've just finished reading Susan Tweit's new book, Walking Nature Home: A Life's Journey. I ended it wishing I could order a carton all at once and send copies to lots of specific people. I'll have to settle for telling folks about it. It's being officially published next week and I'm part of an upcoming blog tour, so I will be putting together more detailed thoughts then, but I also want to make a few quick comments now.


The University of Texas Press is releasing the book as part of its Louann Atkins Temple Women and Culture Series. I like that such a series exists. The book could also have been released by several other presses I can think of; it seems to have found a home with an outfit that is doing a good job of honoring the work. The press's website has a discount and they are very fast at shipping. Buying direct from a publisher is an especially beneficial move right now, by the way.

The Louann Atkins Temple Women and Culture Series appears to contain a broad and diverse selection of books—and yet Susan's seems like a leap of faith for the press to have taken within that context. Most of the titles look like scholarly nonfiction. While Walking Nature Home is filled with solid information on a variety of topics, it definitely falls within the realm of personal narrative, or memoir.

Anyone who's noticed my photos of the books I'm reading has seen the sticky notes. I read with stickies and/or a pencil handy. I took the photo above when I'd just started the book. Here's what it looks like now:


I ran out of the nice, neat reading flags.

Some of those marked passages will undoubtedly factor into what I write at blog tour time, although I wasn't reading with the tour in mind. I was just reading. The flagged phrases, sentences, or paragraphs strongly "spoke to my condition," to use a Quaker concept. The flags always indicate ideas I want to come back to.

Printmaker Sherrie York made the illustrations that begin each chapter. I've been following Sherrie's blog for quite a while, enjoying the way she makes both tiny one-color linoleum cuts and larger, multi-layered, intricate works.

Looking for a good read that will stick with you? One that you won't want to have come to an end, but you will finish because you also don't want to stop reading? Order a copy of Walking Nature Home, or ask your library to get one and let you be first in line to read it.


11 thoughts on “Preview: Susan Tweit’s Walking Nature Home”

  1. What a wonderful preview. I rarely read for entertainment, I’m sort of a “reference material” or historic information reader.

    However, this one sounds wonderfully tempting. I could use a little inspiration right about now!

  2. The problem with encountering fascinating links is, I forget to come back and say “Thank you.”
    This time I remembered. Thank you!

  3. Deb,

    The combination of the lovely photos and engaging writing makes Susan’s work as enticing as it really is. The book is an easy read because of the narrative thread and Susan’s graceful writing, but don’t be fooled by that. It’s meaty, without being heavy.

    Wonderful book. Wonderful write-up here.

    Janet Riehl

  4. Hi, Lynn:

    Looks like the comment thingy is working better. So far so good on my end.

    This book would give you plenty of reference material and information. Susan
    is a combination lyric observer and scientist. There are lots of reasons I
    think you would love this book. Yes, it’s inspiring. It’s also incredibly
    informative about all sorts of things I’m not usually interested in .

    Hugs, Deb

  5. Hi, Gayle:

    Thanks for letting me know! What a wonderful book this is. I’m a darn
    critical reader. Even of my friends’ work. Hope you enjoy it.


  6. Hi, Janet:

    You’re right before me on the blog tour, and I’m already putting the post
    together and put the link to your blog in there. Nice to have you as a
    neighbor. It’s a pleasure to send folks over to visit your site.

    Yes, there’s heaps of content in a very efficient and, as you say, graceful

    Cheers, Deb

  7. Oooh, another book for my wishlist! (though I’d prefer to order it direct not via Amazon.)
    I still want Susan’s backroads book – we love taking the backroads when we travel and one of Colorado would be fantastic.
    I hope your computer problems are clearing up – they seem never ending!

  8. Yes! Order Walking Nature Home direct! It’s one for the top of the wish
    list, right into the action list.

    The backroads book is absolutely exquisite. It comes in two parts, one for
    reading and dreaming at home and one for taking on the road.

    I’m installing a Mac on my desktop right this minute. I think the computer
    problems are about to diminish radically.

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