Off to the woods with wool

Having tested out the site in January, I've returned to this spot 30 miles up a canyon to focus on getting a book closer to done. It won't get DONE done this week, but I should make significant progress.

Here's what the car looked like this morning at home:


That's about half the stuff I could have brought for this one job. If I go through this batch, I'll take a trip back down the mountain mid-week and swap boxes.

Here's my workspace for the time being:


Some of the boxes are in the entryway. I'm just bringing in what I need most immediately.

There are three of us here. We're sharing the rent on this space so we can all get projects moved along. I'm in a different space than I used when we were here before. We didn't stay overnight last time, so this time we needed to rework the logistics. I'm sleeping on the floor in the living room, and I get one of the sunrooms (there are two) for my office.

The weather forecast has been ominous, but I've lived in Colorado long enough not to believe anything about the weather unless I'm looking directly at it. We got a few flurries when we reached the 20-mile point in the canyon, and the wind was blowing pretty hard as we moved stuff into the cabin. Now it's only about 40 percent overcast with no meteorological excitement at all. Just a nice bunch of breeze.

That's probably because I brought my snowshoes. It's been a really long time since I used them, and if we got snowed in up here and I didn't have them with me I'd be seriously disappointed.

Well, I'm here to work, so that's what it's time to do.

Does anyone else find this juxtaposition of equipment amusing?



11 thoughts on “Off to the woods with wool”

  1. Hi, Joy:

    I’m laughing. This is one of the computers that *does* behave itself. No threats required.

    And it’s a little daunting to have four sets of combs at hand. Especially the big guys. They do a wonderful job, but there is no mistaking them for playthings.

    It is wonderful up here. It took months to set it up! I’d better make the most of it.


  2. Well…if you were expecting to be attacked by any wild beasts (or men, for that matter) the combs should provide sufficient personal protection!

    Sounds like a great work retreat! sending productive wishes.

  3. Whenever I see all your equipment, I am awed. I thought I was over the top with my several sets of cards, 2 sets of combs, and other paraphrenalia. I am, in comparison, obviously a neophyte!

    Work hard AND have fun up there! I hope you do get just a little snow to play in. 🙂

  4. Sounds like Colorado’s weather is as unpredictable as Vermont’s. I always say “They’ve got the satellites, but we’ve got the windows.”
    And that high-tech/low-tech juxtaposition is *very* amusing! 8)

  5. There are bears up here. We need to carry bear-bells when we go outside. You’re right that the combs might be one of the few things that would make a bear think twice, but I think I’ll just avoid encounters. . . . .

  6. Joanne, I’ve been at this for decades. Check back on the blog tomorrow (or any time after that) for my thoughts on equipment, in response to your comment. . . .

  7. Yes, that photo does crack me up. Talk about contrast!

    So glad you found a getaway. I need to work somewhere other than my house this week, I find too many distractions here. Sometimes that is not an issue. I’m getting a lot done but not necessarily in order of priority.

    Eventually it will all get done. A retreat sounds wonderful.

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