Bulky afghan: I want a nap!

It's true. I don't want to send this newly completed afghan away to be photographed and otherwise processed for a future book appearance. I want to take a nap under it. Isn't that the point of an afghan?


It consists of 1.7kg of yarn (about 3.75 pounds), all cosy and with enough heft to feel like a cocoon and enough drape and airflow control (because of the lace) to wrap neatly around a human frame and be warm without stifling.

I thought briefly of knitting another one because this one will be gone so long. I thought briefly of knitting one for everybody in my family. Then I looked at the reality of the next, oh, twelve months of my life and realized that this one will be back before I'd have time to make a second, much less a handful of them.


But it's tempting.

Colors I'd like to knit it in (in addition to Prairie Fire up there): Oatmeal, Blue Flannel, Kiwi, Wild Oak, Sable, Foggy Night. It would look good in someone's home in any of the colors that Burly Spun comes in, and it would be just as delightful to nap under.


Back to work. The next deadline beckons.

I may need to wrap that afghan up and get it out of sight so I don't succumb to its beckoning.

It has been a very satisfying project.


6 thoughts on “Bulky afghan: I want a nap!”

  1. Hey, Deb? What size needle did you use? I have that same yarn in the same color (love it). Used half a skein for a cowl but didn’t care for the way the stitches came out. With my supa-tight knitting skills, I figure I’ll try one size up from
    yours and I might get it “right”.

    Love the afghan!

  2. Dina, I was on size 11 (8mm). Most knitters would be on, and the pattern will spec for, size 13 (9mm). I almost always go DOWN two sizes from specifications. Because there’s no size 12 (8.5mm), this amounts to about the same adjustment on my part.

  3. I can’t imagine a warmer, more cozy color than the one you chose! No wonder you’re having a hard time parting with it.
    Though that kiwi is pretty tempting… 8)

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