Ready for the next cold snap: new mittens

These mittens were initially seen in my December 28 post, very early in their process. The impetus: cold weather and inadequate gloves and mittens; need for travel knitting; a kind gift from LynnH at ColorJoy! of a lovely skein of Araucania kettle-dyed wool and Lynn's own pattern for "toe-up" mittens . . . knitted from … Read more

A fine memoir: The Geography of Love, by Glenda Burgess

I find it easy to find books that might be interesting to read. I can haul them home from the library or bookstore by the armload. It's only a bit more difficult to find books that are worth the time of a full reading. It's rare, however, to find one that won't let me put … Read more

Hiding at a spot up the canyon, for a few hours

My brain is somewhat scrambled with work. Jobs are piled up everywhere, and I'm making progress but I still think the overall mass of to-dos is gaining on me. So it's a good thing that yesterday three of us from my writing group drove up to a cabin in the mountains west of here for … Read more

On going to press today: Ethnic Knitting Exploration

I wasn't sure the book in the FedEx package below was ever going to go to press. Between computer problems and a few other complications, its schedule kept getting hammered. Except for the glitches, and the subsequent financial challenges, it's been ready for the printer since late last summer.  And now, finally, inside the envelope … Read more

Last week’s Boulder wildfires: the spinning/knitting connection

On Wednesday, January 7, the Colorado Front Range experienced remarkably strong, sustained winds. In the vicinity of Boulder and Longmont, about an hour from where I live, those winds knocked over a power line very close to Bobra Goldsmith's Rocky Mountain Llamas. The resulting fire, wind-driven, quickly destroyed Bobra's home. The good news is that Bobra's … Read more

“Unrealistic optimism”

Last week, while I was away from home, I envisioned having some time to catch up with a few things that would make my life easier when I got back . . . not completing any work, but accomplishing several small items that keep getting bumped to the bottom of my to-do list. Before I … Read more