Mind Movie for eliminating computer problems, yeehaw!

Okay, after messing with ALL of my computers for MORE than a year (actually, almost two years), I have found a visualization called a Mind Movie that is perfect for my needs. I've never embedded a video thingie before. Let's see how this works. (I prefer to use the sound control to the right of the play-progress bar to turn the sound down to about 10%.)

2.25 minutes, including all credits.

(The video needs a wee bit of proofreading and editing. Not enough to impede its impact. And when I view this in my browser, the central message area is too narrow to display the whole thing, including its volume control button. I've just made several attempts to fix this. Ah, well, maybe the visualization process hasn't had time to work yet.)

Find more videos like this on Mind Movies Forum .com

Especially intriguing to me in this sequence is the idea of tech support people who can solve
any problem fast, and the concept of computers as money machines (which I
am interpreting not to mean "they suck up all your money" but "they
provide a reliable means of earning income").

Thanks to the creator of this Mind Movie. At the very least, it may help me keep a positive attitude toward technology. My patience has been wearing very thin, possibly thinner even than the components in computer circuitry.


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  1. Hmm. I’m going to have to learn to make these, AFTER the next 8 days are over! Everything worked well on my browser . You continue to amaze me with your depth of creative efforts!

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