From PC to Mac, continued

It's been quiet around here, except for occasional exclamations of wonder and some muttering. If this post is semi-coherent, forgive me and chalk it up to too much time in training mode. Getting a Mac through its initial paces turns out to be exceptionally easy. Attempting to leap across the chasm to full professional functionality … Read more

Changing horses in midstream: PC to Mac

In yet another leap of faith yesterday, I bought yet another new computer. Sometimes the completely illogical decision is the one that needs to be made. Of course, there are never ways to tell in advance whether a leap-of-faith decision is totally idiotic or absolutely correct. I have worked up to this by attempting to … Read more

Quote of the day: From Dreams from My Father, by B. Obama

From the preface to the 2004 edition of Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama (New York: Three Rivers Press, p. vii): "Almost a decade has passed since this book was first published [in 1995]. . . . "Like most first-time authors, I was filled with hope and despair upon the book's publication—hope that the … Read more

Ann McCauley’s new book

Talk about needing to get caught up! I started this post about Ann McCauley's new book, Together or Separate: Knitting the New Twinset on October 8. Apologies for the photos, which were done with the camera (which was handy) rather than the scanner (which was not). They have some glare that doesn't do them justice. … Read more

Mind Movie for eliminating computer problems, yeehaw!

Okay, after messing with ALL of my computers for MORE than a year (actually, almost two years), I have found a visualization called a Mind Movie that is perfect for my needs. I've never embedded a video thingie before. Let's see how this works. (I prefer to use the sound control to the right of … Read more

Election day in a vote center

One of our vote centers is a terrific place to spend election day. It's strictly non-partisan. In the case of VC26, where I spent yesterday, it is also a calm oasis where the goal of all workers was helping as many people as possible vote, quickly and with technical support and warm encouragement, regardless of … Read more