Training to be an election judge

Last night from 6 to 9, I went through training to be an election judge. I'll be a Ballot Judge, responsible for ensuring that voters get the right paper ballots, if they choose to vote on paper—they can vote electronically with a touch screen as well. Our county was apparently the first in the country … Read more

Caps for babies; and boxes instead of dingbats

Knitting small caps out of scraps While I was traveling last week, I encountered a copy of the brand-new Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders, edited by Judith Durant (with whom I used to work at Interweave Press: good person). It's got 101 projects for small amounts of yarn. Obviously, they're designed for luxury yarns, but they … Read more

Sculpture: Don Gummer’s big rock in North Adams, Mass.

The rock in the air Last week when I was walking toward a crosswalk in North Adams, Massachusetts, on my way to work for the day, I thought of my friend Richard Cabe.1 Richard does nifty things with very large rocks. Exactly eight days earlier, he'd given me a tour of his workshop, in an … Read more

The Rook-y vest on a day it was made for

So this morning it's gray and overcast and there's a light mist of rain coming down. Yesterday's temperatures were in the high 70s, nearly 80 degrees Fahrenheit (about 25 degrees C). Today's in the mid-40s (about 7 degrees C). This is exactly the kind of weather I envisioned when I started the Rook-y vest, which … Read more