Tomatoes and sweater ribbing

Here’s a photo of the tomatoes as we were leaving on our trip:


We had a few of the little orange ones for breakfast before we left, and we took two big red ones with us. It was so nice to get into the motel last night and have fresh tomatoes from our garden as a before-bedtime snack.

Here’s a close-up of the ribbing under discussion in yesterday’s post and comments. The buttons are just from the mismatch box, laid on top of the fabric; I’ll be doing some button-browsing on this trip:


Now it’s time to pack the car.


2 thoughts on “Tomatoes and sweater ribbing”

  1. I want a long drive.

    And maybe a message that says one thing at a time.

    And a vacation

    And some sleep

    I hope you have a lovely time and I am so looking forward to sweater weather.

  2. Beth, those are all very, very good things, and I can recommend them highly. I was about to implode from work and stress just before we left. DRIVING is ONE THING AT A TIME, for long stretches. I am sleeping an extra hour a night (seven instead of almost six). This is all superb and much needed.

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