Visiting an edge of a continent

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The place where we spent last week is the Long Beach peninsula, an elongated spur off the southwest corner of Washington state. The peninsula is about 28 miles (45 km) long and 1.5 miles (2.4 km) wide, located within an … Continued

But can we hike with our dogs?

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One of my freelance jobs is writing interpretive and informational signs for natural and cultural historical sites. We went to a lovely location that could use some instructional clarification: (and epsecially a little extra proofreading). No dogs allowed, with three … Continued


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I’m a behind on posts. I’ll try to catch up to complete the circle. Here’s where we ended up after our drive through six states: It was not boring, like the car: Ariel is 13.75 years old. She thought the … Continued


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All these photos come from several days ago, but connectivity has been iffy where we are now. We drove into parts of the continent where there are trees, and then also visible water: My daughter took a photo of what … Continued


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There’s nothing like driving for contemplation. I’m mostly taking in images and having thoughts, not conclusions. We knew there was a lot of fire activity in the area we drove through yesterday for several reasons. First, in Idaho the mountains … Continued


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We left later than we’d planned. North through part of Colorado to Wyoming. Saw some pronghorns in Colorado, none in Wyoming. My daughter took all the photos, because I was driving. We didn’t see any more pronghorns after she got … Continued

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