A good, long feline life: Ms. Little Bit, 1987-2008

I’ll return to the trip account in the next post. This is a memorial to Little Bit, also known as Ms. Bit and The Empress of the Universe.


Little Bit lived with us for almost her entire life. She was technically my
daughter’s cat, and became part of our family constellation at the age of about eight
weeks, when my daughter was six years old.

With the help of a vet student and a friend, she made it nicely through our absence on this most recent trip by staying in the familiar environment of home. The friend wrote us an e-mail to the effect that "Lil Bit says she doesn’t know who all these people are, but she is glad you have finally hired more staff, as befitting her royal self. She was lounging about on the sofa when I stopped by. . . ." And when we arrived home, she looked and felt so much better than during our previous two trips, when we’d had to board her in a medically equipped facility and almost lost her.

Yet over the last two days, it became obvious that her body was just, finally, worn out. She’d been successfully balancing a couple of chronic illnesses for many years, with our vet’s and our assistance, but she reached her limit yesterday, at the age of 21 years and 3 months.

Many thanks to Dr. Julie Gamble, who has been Little Bit’s primary health resource for almost fifteen years, to Heather and Brenda for extra support since Julie opened her own clinic, and to Dr. Kathleen Cooney for helping us provide Ms. Bit with a comfortable transition between 9 and 10 last night.

Requiescat in pace.

Little Bit embodied a sturdy, steady spirit in a small package.


Miss Chuff, Kittikin, Mitten, Prowlie (the visiting cat), Wump (Tiger Lily), Wow (Douglas Fur, Thunderpaw, The Big Milk Lick), Rowlie, Little Bit: Requiescant in pace.


18 thoughts on “A good, long feline life: Ms. Little Bit, 1987-2008”

  1. Much love to you both! I’m sorry.

    I’m glad she was in such a good situation, with much staff for her royal self… and I’m glad she waited for your return. She had a good life and was much loved.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you lost Ms Little Bit but am glad for you that she waited for your return.

    [hugs and a cuppa tea for comfort]

  3. Thanks for all the comments. They help a lot. She was just HERE for so long. And she helped a whole lot at my desk, until the last six months or so . . . mostly knocking papers off and sleeping on the monitor {wry grin}.

  4. Having had the honor of meeting Ms. Bit, I fully understand the purrsonality and aura of power embodied in such a small bundle. She truly was Empress, and she reminded us all of this every time she daintily stepped up to receive our homage. The cats here send love and sympathy.

  5. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about Ms. Little Bit. I loved hearing (reading) about her because I thought she had such a great name, sort of a counterpoint to her royal sounding personality.

    I’m glad you got home in time to see her.

  6. I’m so glad you had a chance to say goodbye. Hugs from over here in KY. It’s so hard to lose a member of the family–whenever it happens.

  7. Oh, no…
    She had such a wonderfully long life, and it is so good that she was still there when you came back. I’m glad I got to contribute some Pounce to her last year. You will just have to honor her imperial memory by adding some cats to your home. Vintage 1987 was a good cat year, I know from experience.

  8. Yes, Caroline, she really enjoyed the Pounce . . . went through what you sent, plus more that we got her due to the revelation of her enjoyment. Chicken & Cheese was her favorite. When she didn’t pounce on the Pounce (starting before we got back), that was one of the signs.

    We’ve often had two cats in the past. For the last decade or so, she made it clear she wanted to solo. So now we have no cats. It’s the first time in 39 years for me that that’s the case. Very odd.

  9. The hardest part of having an animal friend is letting her go when her time comes. She obviously had a loving and caring family. My condolences for your great loss.

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