Answer the sheep, please, it’s ringing. . . .

If you haven’t seen Jean Luc Cornec’s sheep made of recycled phones and phone cable, you have a treat waiting for you. The flock is in the Museum für Kommunikation, Frankfurt am Main.

Thanks to Carol for clueing me in. I see that Rebecca Blood, whose book on blogging got me into this practice (with the help of a big nudge from the ethnic knitting group on Yahoo), wants one, too.


3 thoughts on “Answer the sheep, please, it’s ringing. . . .”

  1. Cool. So how are you? I’m dead. My brain hurts from studying so much. Plus I went to get my hair done today and spoke to the kirpėja (hair dresser) for an hour or so in broken Lithuanian because she did not speak any English. It was fun but now I am really, really, really tired!

  2. Except for my feet, I am having a great time. I guess it’s not as bad as it could be, but I stepped in a hole last week and my ankle has been a little sore but I have to walk a lot every day and it’s swelling up during the day. I put it up at night at it gets back to normal. Yesterday I walked ***A LOT*** and when I came home last night, I found big red blotches on my ankle, like capillaries exploded or something. Luckily I am moving into a hotel right next to the university today, so very little walking for the next 5 to 7 days. I might waste $30 and have a taxi pick up Dom at the airport on Friday so I don’t have to walk to the bus station to catch the 50-cent bus there to meet him.

    Well, otherwise, having great fun. Today I just have to pack up my stuff, do a little bookkeeping, and move over to the hotel.

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