Gardening progress

As counterbalance to the scurf post, here are some photos of our experimental mini-garden, as well as some old-friend roses (and a few weeds). We’ve taken off the tomatoes’ protective covers: We’ve even had a few of the little orange tomatoes to eat already. Here’s the basil, beginning to look sturdy and like it might … Read more

A problem for spinners: scurf in fiber

A question arose on Knitterguy‘s blog about a fleece that had some white stuff in it, and how the wool should be managed. One of the topics raised in the discussion was scurf, which that particular white stuff wasn’t. (It was probably lanolin, suint, and the like that had been dissolved and then redeposited on … Read more

Quotes of the day

"Spinning lends itself to analysis, but should not be controlled by it. Measuring your fibers, counting your treadling and turns per inch, and estimating angles of twist enable you to take stock. But keeping in mind the end use, and occasionally checking yarn for size and strength while spinning, can produce a good yarn."   — … Read more

Working with imperfect fleece: part 3, spinning

I haven’t had time yet to work out a way to take photos of my own hands while I’m spinning. I need some sort of extended shutter release that I can hit with my foot. Meanwhile, we’ll make do with what I can come up with, which is yarn photos with captions. __ Because I’d … Read more

Working with imperfect fleece: part 2, carding

Once the grease and most of the dirt are out of the way, I can get a better look at what I’m dealing with. The biggest problem in this fleece is not its length (very short, 1.5 to 1.75 inches, or 38 to 45mm) but the second cuts and other neppy bits. The red Xs … Read more