On connecting with local foods (and other things)

I was in Denver on Thursday doing some errands, including buying a tripod so I can take photos of the swatches for the book that’s coming out this fall (statement made with force and a determination to catch up, because I have to catch up). For previous books, I’ve been able to put the swatches … Read more

On missing BookExpo America, and on the new IndieBound

This is the first year since 2002 that I haven’t been at BookExpo America, the massive annual convention for the book industry. I like going, not so much for the mobs of people and the free books and the "scene" (which are all overwhelming) as for the people and the ideas. There are many people … Read more

Gordon’s Rules of Legislative Conduct

Colorado state senator Ken Gordon doesn’t represent my part of the state, but I’ve subscribed to his newsletter for several years because it’s so informative and interesting to read. Yesterday evening, at the end of his term limits, he sent the following message. It seems timely to share with people of all political persuasions, within … Read more

Sunday at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Sunday at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is always quieter than Saturday. It’s still plenty busy and crowded. A lot of people who did their reconnaissance on Saturday are making final evaluations for (and completing) major purchases. I’d guess that more spinning wheels depart the site on Sunday than on Saturday, although I saw … Read more

Maryland Sheep and Wool, Saturday

Yesterday was the first day of the full Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Here’s what the parking lot looked like at 8:15 in the morning, about forty-five minutes before the festival officially began: As I thought, the rabbit building’s overflow area was put to good use for the Ravelry gathering: It was packed inside. I … Read more

Warming up for Maryland

Travel: a shift in environments Yesterday as we prepared to leave Colorado for Maryland, we drove toward the airport in quite a May Day snowstorm. This is what it looked like through the window of the van that took us from off-airport parking to the terminal: Our flight was delayed by an on-ground detour to … Read more