Computer yes, computing no

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Much silence here. I ordered, and have received, a replacement computer with the necessary operating system (the computer that went back to the mothership is still there; no news). However, I can’t install several chunks of critical software, including the Adobe Creative Suite that lets me produce books. I am attempting installations, failing, and spending time on the phone with tech support.

Oh, and knitting. But I ripped the knitting back and have started over on that because I was about 5 yards shy of what I needed to complete the project. I’ll have pictures some day.

Time to try another installation workaround. Hope everyone else’s days are being more obviously productive right now than mine are.


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  1. Joanne

    Oy. This might be the time to knit/spin/cook something that will definitely work. Just to break the jinx, make yourself feel better, and break up the installation monotony? I feel for you, Deb. This has been way too hard.