Computer yes, computing no

Much silence here. I ordered, and have received, a replacement computer with the necessary operating system (the computer that went back to the mothership is still there; no news). However, I can’t install several chunks of critical software, including the Adobe Creative Suite that lets me produce books. I am attempting installations, failing, and spending … Read more

Creativity and equipment failure

As I wrote the last two posts on the increasingly severe and frequent computer problems I’ve been having, I clicked the "creativity" category in addition to "publishing" and "web/tech." I knew it felt right to consider this discussion part of "creativity," although obviously I haven’t been talking directly about creativity at all. Yet the critical … Read more

Computer returns to mothership

There are no pictures today. I don’t know when there will be pictures again, although the camera is fine. The primary business computer has just been boxed up and sent back to the manufacturer. I have learned what on-site tech support means: if the problem can be diagnosed from a distance and requires that an … Read more


Well, I did not slow down and rest soon enough, much as I was trying to. I’ve been down with a cold for more than a week. A few things have gotten done; I did meet a deadline, but the work was 99 percent complete, and that was extremely fortunate because I only had to … Read more