Ethnic Knitting Discovery: Knit-along!

Donna Druchunas, author of Ethnic Knitting Discovery, is hosting a knit-along to go with the book. She told me to go take a look at the photos and thoughts people are beginning to post there. The knit-along-ers are making headbands as swatches (useful! especially considering the weather where I am right now and the speed with which a headband can be completed) and then are designing their own Scandinavian-style sweaters.

Donna’s providing guidance.

Take a peek here. Wonderful ideas and colors and progress! I think I heard that more than three hundred knitters have signed up. There should be a tremendous amount of good energy over there.

By the way, my daughter is knitting her first actual object (other than a swatch). It’s a sweater based on  Ethnic Knitting Discovery‘s ideas from The Netherlands, although I think she’s planning to steek it. It’s true, she has an in-house, on-call knitting instructor, but the idea of starting with this was hers, not mine. She seems to have been inspired by being asked to model this sweater for the gallery of designs from the book.

All fun!


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