Ethnic Knitting Discovery: Knit-along!

Donna Druchunas, author of Ethnic Knitting Discovery, is hosting a knit-along to go with the book. She told me to go take a look at the photos and thoughts people are beginning to post there. The knit-along-ers are making headbands as swatches (useful! especially considering the weather where I am right now and the speed … Read more

What fiber are you? I’m . . .

Okay, there’s a silly and amusing new promotional "quizlet" online for Clara Parkes’ new book, The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. It will not surprise anyone who has known me for long that I end up classified as "wool," even if I calculate for the two equally viable options on one of the questions which are … Read more

The creative spirit: A couple of dancers

Knitter and dancer Ann McCauley forwarded me a link today to a YouTube video. I usually have to delete anything that’s forwarded and I rarely have even a minute to go look at something on YouTube, but Ann’s taste is impeccable (and not just in knitting). If Ann had a blog she could tell you … Read more

Holiday travel knitting that didn’t get done

The quest: yarns for swatches that will be scanned or photographed For holiday travel knitting, I had intended to work on color swatches to be scanned or photographed for a book Nomad Press will be publishing next year. But I had a yarn problem. Usually I knit swatches in Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb … Read more