Reading; and knitting swatches


I found a copy of Here If You Need Me, by Kate Braestrup, to put into a photograph. It’s not mine.

However, the front copy of The Artful Edit, by Susan Bell, is mine, and just in time because the copy behind it, borrowed through interlibrary loan, was on its last day. I transferred and neatened up my page flags and returned the library copy.

Another book I enjoyed recently is Who Are You People? by Shari Caudron, which won one of the Colorado Book Awards this year. I remember when Shari started writing this book. It’s about people who are passionate about this or that: Barbies, pigeon-racing, other activities, and why. Plus some more. A good read, if you’re looking for one.

The yarn and needles represent a digression from knitting the chenille cardigan for my acupuncturist, working on a routine pair of socks, and thinking about knitting a Korsnas-style sweater for myself or spinning up some of the fiber that my fingers have been itching to prepare for the wheel for weeks or months or years (depending on the batch).

I’m working on swatches for an upcoming book. It wasn’t in the plan that I would be the one to knit these swatches, but it may be that only the person who is doing the production has a clear idea of what is needed to make the results look just right. I’m not sure that’s true, but it seems to be so at the moment.

Two of the swatches are done and being blocked. They look pretty good as swatches. We’ll see how they do as scans.