Baggies for Christmas

So: At the upper left is the movie we got from the library and didn’t have time to watch.


Lower center is a book that was on the "here and now" table at the library: three days free checkout, then 25 cents a day, and a way to jump the line for titles that have long hold lists. I grabbed it on a whim and read it while knitting . . . and waiting for the computer to reboot while I attempted to back up the critical portions of Nomad Press onto a USB drive.

InDesign was not wanting to package the latest project. It repeatedly hung up at 11% of "traversing links." I finally saved the components to a folder manually and backed that up. I’ll deal with the underlying problem when I get back; the stuff I tried yesterday didn’t work. This is probably a continuation of the RAM problems I’ve been having. The situation is better, but not fixed.

A couple of the swatches I knitted snuck into the background. I couldn’t work the pattern rows while reading, but I could do the plain rows (which includes seed or garter stitch).

Run is an EXCELLENT novel! I haven’t read Ann Patchett’s work before, although I’ve been aware of it.

We’re doing laundry and packing. The washer is making its now-usual racket, so much that I’ll have to go upstairs soon because I won’t be able to connect my thoughts.

Friends will check on the house while we’re gone, both just to keep an eye on things and also to make sure that if it snows the shoveling gets done within twenty-four hours of when the snow stops falling, so the city won’t send us a citation and a bill. Sometimes I think fondly of the more laissez-faire communities I’ve lived in.

The cat is being boarded at a hospital because of her medication routine, which includes subcutaneous fluids (we almost lost her last Christmas, but she bounced back when we started the fluids).

We’ll drop the dogs off at the kennel in the morning.

Meanwhile, my daughter tussled with the older dog this afternoon, an activity that causes alarming growls to come out of the dog:


Although she really seems to enjoy the play. This is afterward:


All those baggies and miscellaneous items in the top picture are a Christmas present that we’ll be delivering in person. There’s a small story to go with, but I can’t tell it yet.

And now I’d better finish packing. The foodstuffs are ready, but my clothing is not.

However, the daughter with the dog skills finished applying to three graduate schools as of yesterday. Whew!

Okay, I’ve had it with the washer and need to accomplish a few other things before the rest of the day gets away from me.

Happy travels to all who are traveling. Happy staying home to all who are doing that.


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