Baggies for Christmas

So: At the upper left is the movie we got from the library and didn’t have time to watch. Lower center is a book that was on the "here and now" table at the library: three days free checkout, then 25 cents a day, and a way to jump the line for titles that have … Read more

Reading; and knitting swatches

I found a copy of Here If You Need Me, by Kate Braestrup, to put into a photograph. It’s not mine. However, the front copy of The Artful Edit, by Susan Bell, is mine, and just in time because the copy behind it, borrowed through interlibrary loan, was on its last day. I transferred and … Read more

An empty inbox, not entirely intentionally

This isn’t a photogenic post, although I’m tempted to take a picture. As of this morning, my e-mail inbox is empty. This has been a goal of mine for a while, although getting it accomplished required a bit of serendipity, or error. Eudora has been slowing down for quite a while because both my inbox … Read more

Priscilla Gibson-Roberts: Winter cheer?

Written on Tuesday morning, December 18: I just got off the phone after a conversation with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, also known as PGR. It was great to hear her voice. She’s been out of touch for more than a month, gone on the road in search of a bit of warmth, which she seems to have … Read more

C, D, 65K, and a bit of mechanical breakdown, plus knitting

Last month, E and F arrived on the scene riding on squares of gingerbread, courtesy of my daughter. Here they are again: C (Cat) and D (Dog, of course) showed up within the past week on similar conveyances. E, F, C, and D all arrived with their hats on fire, but they seemed to enjoy … Read more