NaNoWriMo progress report

I’ve crossed the 50,000-word finish line. I also "won" in 2005 and 2006. Note that quality of the verbal production has nothing to do with this achievement. However, I’m not done with what passes for my story this year, so I’ll continue to type until 11/30, when I’ll slap an ending on the thing, ready … Read more

Some days are more orderly than others

Ethnic Knitting Discovery, by Donna Druchunas, has just been published and I’m already working steadily on the next two (or three, depends on the day) books that are scheduled (using that word loosely) to come from Nomad Press. In addition to keeping up with the progress of Ethnic Knitting Discovery as it heads out into … Read more

Holly Lisle requests three favorites each, novels and nonfiction

Holly Lisle has a great site for her own work that also includes generous resources for other writers. She’s just started a newsletter that people interested in writing will likely find worth signing up for. The newsletter that dropped into my e-mail box not long ago contained a request: "Today or tomorrow, send me a … Read more

E, F, AlphaSmart, and more socks

Here are E (Elephant) and F (Frog), whom my daughter introduced into our lives this week: E arrived on Tuesday, F on Wednesday, and I hear there are also C and D, yet to arrive. Each has been ferried into our lives on a quarter-size piece of scrumptious gingerbread. Accompanying E and F are the … Read more

Chips and charts and blooms

I’m still working on upgrading the RAM on the computer, although I have managed to complete the first full run-through of the charts for Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ revised edition of her book on Cowichan sweaters despite extreme slowdowns and lock-ups of the machine. It turns out that the computer’s manufacturer uses some proprietary configuration of 184-pin … Read more

First reader sweater from Ethnic Knitting Discovery

I’ve got a snapshot of what as far as I know is the first completed sweater worked by a reader from one of the templates in Ethnic Knitting Discovery by Donna Druchunas. Donna’s going to have a gallery of reader sweaters (at, which at this writing simply links to a page on Donna’s main … Read more