Scandinavian knitting in Seattle

I’m in Seattle to attend the first Scandinavian knitting conference, being held at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Here’s Elsebeth Lavold, giving the keynote on Viking knitting—her wonderful cabling technique and design process.


There’s an astonishing group of instructors gathered in one place: Vivian Høxbro (from Denmark), Annemor Sundbø (from Norway), Elsebeth Lavold (from Sweden), plus North Americans Marilyn Van Keppel (Icelandic and Danish knitting), Carol Rhoades (Finnish and Swedish knitting), Susanna Hansson (Swedish and Finnish knitting), and Terri Shea (Norwegian knitting).

Sorry about the fuzzy photograph. When I participate in events, I prefer to be present, rather than take pictures. When I’m in a place to take pictures, that’s what I do instead of participating more directly. I’m here to knit.

The museum appears to have been somewhat surprised by the interest in this conference. Apparently everyone would have been pleased with 100 people. There are 200. Word got out mostly through online lists.

If they do it again (and I think it would be an excellent idea), I suspect they could have an even larger group. Whether that’s a good thing for the overall experience or not depends on how it’s organized. The banquet room was at capacity last night.

Although classes started yesterday, I’ve signed up for two and not three days. I’ll begin a workshop in about an hour. So I’d better find breakfast.


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  1. My paternal Swedish heritage is shaking at the thought that I could not attend this conference. I do so hope to garner some minute amount of the experience through you and Janine…

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