Blog Action Day coda

The final count of participating blogs in Blog Action Day 2007 on the environment (October 15) was 20,603. The main page for the endeavor now lists other statistics and has links to a handful of the posts. One of the sponsors of the event was the United Nations Environmental Programme.

It’ll be back next year.

I had fun, and I look forward to doing it again.


The blog tour for Donna Druchunas’ Ethnic Knitting Discovery continues! I’m enjoying the variety of posts.


1 thought on “Blog Action Day coda”

  1. It was great that you took the time to make Blog Action Day prominent on your blog page. I am sure you have heard of the much needed energy bill that Congress is working on passing. It contains two major history-changing provisions (a fuel economy standard of 35 mpg and a renewable electricity standard of 15%) that would end our Nation’s security-threatening dependence on Middle East oil, stop our money from flowing to terrorists, and keep our dollars at home growing the American economy. But lobbyists are working hard to tear the bill apart.

    I am working with a coalition to make sure the energy bill doesn’t get derailed. We need American’s help to make sure that the final bill secures a stronger future. Go to and sign our petition. Tell Congress: don’t back down.

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