More millimeters of progress

This is kind of a P.S. to yesterday’s post.

I have figured out how to output a 2/c (oops, jargon alert: two-color) job in InDesign CS2. The choice is not at the document level, which is where I had expected to find it, but takes place as the very last step in the PDF output sequence. Buried about three levels down in the menus.

The Good, Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood, by Sy Montgomery, is due back at the library and I have to remove the flag for this quote:

  • "As Christopher’s girth increased, so did our doubts about who was in charge at our house. Not only was Chris destined to vastly outweigh us, but we faced a growing realization that our pig was dangerously, possibly diabolically, brilliant." (p. 36)

Of course, Chris’s heart ended up being bigger than either his physical mass or his intelligence.

(Yes, the pig was named after the original Christopher Hogwood, who apparently didn’t mind. The work of the human Christopher Hogwood and of The Academy of Ancient Music are well represented in my CD collection. I love only some classical music; some composers, some musicians, some instruments. And in finding the link in this paragraph, I have discovered the reason there are headphones on my computer. I think my life may be about to improve. I’d never thought that I could listen to Hogwood + Academy + Vivaldi while working. The CDs are upstairs. The website only offers snippets, but there’s enough there to give me a vision of how to Change My Life. I predict some technological tweaking in the near future. This music is heaven to listen to. Then it stops in mid-phrase. I don’t want it to stop until the end of the piece.)

Advance reading copies of Ethnic Knitting Discovery: The computer files, burned to CD, and printouts of cover and text are upstairs, packed, labeled, and postage applied. They’re four months late, but they’re about to be shipped to the printer.


Next: The real book files.


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  1. Congratulations! Every step is worth celebrating… and I hope you can hook yourself up with music in your office. It’s bound to make you feel happier during some of this! I have to write in silence, but it makes me cherish radio/audiobooks/music all the more!

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