Initially reluctant blogger reaches one-year mark

One year ago today, I uploaded my first blog post. That wasn’t the first day I’d tried but the first day I succeeded. I’d been encouraged to start a blog by other participants in the ethnic knitting online group. I’d been extremely resistant to take on anything new because I was all too aware I … Read more

Finished book: High IQ Kids!

A UPS truck pulled up at the curb in front of the house early this morning and delivered an author’s (in this case, editor’s) copy of High IQ Kids! This is an "advance" copy, although not an "advance reader’s copy" or ARC, because it’s the real book, freshly unpacked from the printer’s shipment before the … Read more

What sometimes happens when a book goes to press

Ethnic Knitting Discovery is at the printer. I learned late yesterday afternoon that a flurry of jobs just came in at this particular plant and the customer service rep (CSR) estimates that it will take ten to fourteen days longer to print the book than I’d been told. This is not good, because it means … Read more

Cat Bordhi’s Treasure Forest

Many knitters know about Cat Bordhi’s knitting books: Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, A Treasury of Magical Knitting, A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting, and recently New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One (released July 20, 2007; more about that book in a future post). Folks who have visited Cat’s web page may have … Read more

Advance reading copies for Ethnic Knitting Discovery

Advance reading copies (ARCs), or bound galleys, are pre-publication copies of a book. Usually they’re produced between three and six months before the real book will be released. They’re intermediary between manuscript and finished book, and much closer to the latter than the former. Often the ARCs are printed digitally and the publication copies are … Read more

Packing up a few years in a small box and shipping it away

See that box? It’s a FedEx small box. We didn’t even need a medium-sized box, let alone a big box. That compact item (weight 2 pounds 4 ounces, or a smidge more than 1 kilo) represents several years of author Donna Druchunas‘ and my lives, plus several months of some other folks’ creativity, including my … Read more