Independent Publisher Awards semifinalist

A quick post . . . it’s been a while, because I’ve been paddling hard to keep my head above water.

Today the Independent Publisher Awards semifinalists were announced. Arctic Lace by Donna Druchunas is a semifinalist in the How-to (Crafts/Hobby) category. Of the semifinalists, only two are knitting books—Arctic Lace and Victorian Lace Today. I’d say we’re in good company! Finalists will be announced next week, in advance of BookExpo America.

Sales conference (in Alexandria, Virginia, a week ago) went well. Our presentation took place in a new format: instead of presenting to more than 50 people in a big horseshoe-shaped ring, I gave my talk to a smaller group of 15, each of whom represented a different sales area. The reps always ask great questions about the books (the answers help them when they meet with their accounts to place the books in the stores), but this time we seemed to be able to have actual conversations. Since they’re great folks, I liked that.

Now I’m back at the computer and (literally) drawing board, working on the fall title: Ethnic Knitting Discovery, another of Donna’s books.


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