A few hours in New York City: Subversive knitting?

I’m in New York City for the annual conference of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. I flew into LaGuardia for the first time, and in the process got to see the Statue of Liberty "for real" for the first time (not just a photo) as the plane flew north across the city toward … Read more

Sustaining the creative life: From the big picture to a single breath

Guest and topic: Eric Maisel and Ten Zen Seconds Today I’m en route to the East Coast for the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference, followed by a quick stop at the fall sales conference for our distributor, National Book Network. The photo shows part of what I’ve packed for the trip. The guest … Read more

Eric Maisel: Guest tomorrow, background today

Eric Maisel will be a guest on this blog tomorrow, talking about his new book, Ten Zen Seconds. I participated in an online group that Eric worked with while developing the ideas in this book, so I’ve been experimenting with the practice for a while. Eric’s background Eric Maisel is the author of more than … Read more

Everything old is new again. . . .

Yesterday several friends and I drove to Denver to attend a workshop by Barbara Sher about what to do if you’re interested in too many things. It was an enjoyable day that included lunch at a favorite restaurant (delicious, reasonable, and vegetarian-friendly), lots of people with diverse skills and interests, and copious quantities of good … Read more

Travel trade-offs

With several trips in my near future that involve airplanes, I’ve been thinking ahead toward knitting. I need something that packs a lot of activity into a small space and won’t catch the protective attention of any TSA screeners. TSA people are apparently least likely to be alarmed by needles made of bamboo or plastic, … Read more