The Free Spirit Book

I’ve been promising to talk about the book that’s coming out this fall from Free Spirit Publishing. I’ve heard back from Free Spirit that it’s okay to put the cover up here, so it’s time. My understanding is that the book’s scheduled to be released in September 2007. The name of the book is High … Read more

Norsk Strikkedesign completed (I think)

I think the Norsk Strikkedesign-inspired sweater is completed. At least it’s in full use in my life as of today. Also, between yesterday and today the first leaves on the lilac have unfurled themselves. I’m pleased. So are the dogs . . . you can tell by the looks on their faces ("Okay, you’re warm, … Read more

Norsk Strikkedesign progress : Coming into focus

Did I fall into a hole? Yes. It’s been crazy around here. Several fall-release titles from several publishing companies have been landing on and being launched back off my to-do list, my desk, my computer. On some, I’m the writer; on some, the editor; on some, the production department, marketing department, and publisher. Because these … Read more

Buttons and buttonhole planning: Norsk Strikkedesign progress

Kristi was right. Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins has a great selection of buttons. It took about half an hour, but I settled on the buttons for the Norsk Strikkedesign-inspired sweater. Next I needed to plan the buttonholes. I am always tempted to launch right in and try things on the real sweater, and I did … Read more

Front edges : Norsk Strikkedesign progress

So, having cut the steeks, joined the shoulders, and set in the sleeves (never to my satisfaction; oh, well, move on) of the Norsk Strikkedesign-inspired sweater, it’s time for me to finish the front cardigan edges. I’ve been delaying the decision of how I will do this, as usual, until I see what I’ve got. … Read more

Art and freight

My office is in a spare bedroom in the basement. It’s far larger than a corporate cubicle—as I recall from when I could find the tape measure, it’s 10 by 11 feet—and it’s full of computer equipment, books, a space heater, and three wastepaper baskets (one for office paper to be recycled, one for junk … Read more