Free Priscilla Gibson-Roberts sock pattern

The new Interweave Knits arrived yesterday. Interweave is launching a new web site, called Knitting Daily, and as part of the festivities there’s a giveaway of an exquisite sock pattern by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. Priscilla had told me she was working on these socks, but they got sent off for photography before she could put them on the scanner (she doesn’t have a digital camera). They’re called "Caspian Sea Socks," and they’re gorgeous.

Excuse me while I go sign up for the web site and download the pattern.

There’s also a second nifty pattern, for a shawl, by Sandi Wiseheart. The model looks a whole lot like Nancy Arndt, a great person with whom I worked while I was at Interweave (hi to Nancy going out through the aether!). The shawl is Faroese in inspiration, so it stays on the wearer’s shoulders nicely. A link to the shawl pattern will be forwarded next week some time.

Priscilla’s socks are even more stunning in the large photos within the pattern. Lots of great technique details. Toe-up, lots of patterning including terrific color work on instep and
leg plus distinctive sole, and heel worked after the leg has been
completed, intense fantastic colors. The yarn is Dale of Norway Tiur (or whatever you want to substitute). Not a quick project, but WOW.

Love these socks!


2 thoughts on “Free Priscilla Gibson-Roberts sock pattern”

  1. I didn’t get my copy yesterday! *pouts* But I’m looking forward to Priscilla’s socks!

    Wow, that’s a lot of work to match up the graphic (older post). I’ve got to pull out my copy of KITOW and reread it.

  2. As soon as I saw the pattern for the Caspian Sea Socks, I knew they must be mine. Ran out today and grabbed the yarn. I think there may be a mistake in the pattern. Row 9 says to do two lifted increases in the same stitch. How strange. I’m sure there’s a way. No matter, I love these socks.

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