Arctic Lace: third print finding its homes, fourth on the way

This will probably be a record-short post for me. I am getting all the tax stuff ready for the accountant, and doing a number of other un-glamorous tasks that are part of the writing/editing/publishing/knitting/spinning/and-so-on life.

We just got an order for a case (box) of Arctic Lace. I went to the garage to bring it inside so I can tape and label it (each box is 37 pounds—just under 17 kg . . . I don’t have, or have time for, a gym membership). It’s the last box from the third print run. I have three single copies left in the office. Fortunately, the fourth print run will be shipping from the printer on February 23 and should arrive here about the end of the month. Several of its cases will be shipped out the day it appears to fill back orders—back orders that couldn’t have been filled with this single case, which is why it’s still here, although we have done partial-fills in an effort to keep the wholesalers from running out.

That’s four print runs since this book’s release in October, not that many months ago.

If I hurry and get this box ready to ship, my daughter is about to head out to do errands and will haul it to FedEx for me. Ground packages can’t be dropped off at the handy shipping kiosks you see everywhere. Those are reserved for express. Fortunately, our ground drop-off spot isn’t too far away.  I transported the four boxes of varying titles that went out together late last week (about 140 pounds, or around 64 kilos, of books; thank heaven for the hand truck). It’s nice to have another person who is willing and able to help.

A whole lot of work goes into getting a book to press. Then author and publisher hope that readers will find the results of their efforts worthwhile.

It is so gratifying when that connection clicks.

It makes all of us want to write and design and print another book on a topic we love enough to spend our energies on in this way.

P.S. I’ve also just begun reading the manuscript for a book on knitting that will be published by another company within the foreseeable future. I’m not sure of the release date; my best guess from the outside is Spring 2008 at the earliest, based on how big it will be and what I know needs to be done for the book’s design and production. It will be wonderful, and like nothing we knitters have had to date. I get to read the near-final draft because I had something to do with connecting publisher and author. I feel blessed to see this coming together!