Snip! Norsk Strikkedesign progress!

Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post. Much appreciated! And I have something cool to add today . . . at least I think so. I know lots of people are afraid of steeks, afraid to cut their knitting, afraid that the results will be a disaster. At this point, cutting the steeks for me … Read more

I’ll steek that! : Norsk Strikkedesign progress

I’ve given up on tomorrow. It whizzes by and turns into yesterday almost before it’s been today. I’m working instead on the concepts of next and soon, on making deliberate if not speedy progress toward my intentions instead of thinking they’ll actually get done at a specific time. So now when I think of saying … Read more

Free Priscilla Gibson-Roberts sock pattern

The new Interweave Knits arrived yesterday. Interweave is launching a new web site, called Knitting Daily, and as part of the festivities there’s a giveaway of an exquisite sock pattern by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. Priscilla had told me she was working on these socks, but they got sent off for photography before she could put them … Read more

Cover for Fall 2007 title

January got away from me, but I seem to be making up for the lack of posts now during February. Today we settled on the cover for the Nomad Press title for Fall 2007, Ethnic Knitting: Discovery, by Donna Druchunas. It’s scheduled for an October release. This is a big deal. Suddenly what we have … Read more

The revelation of the desk

So Leslie over at Nake-Id Knits thinks it is appropriate to show our working spaces. I will not show the floor, but this is the desk. I hope the type is legible. I don’t yet understand how to do the sizing of type on web photos. What is missing from this scene is 19.5-year-old Little … Read more

Arctic Lace: third print finding its homes, fourth on the way

This will probably be a record-short post for me. I am getting all the tax stuff ready for the accountant, and doing a number of other un-glamorous tasks that are part of the writing/editing/publishing/knitting/spinning/and-so-on life. We just got an order for a case (box) of Arctic Lace. I went to the garage to bring it … Read more