Norsk Strikkedesign-inspired sweater: Yoke planning

So a while back I was knitting the tops of the sleeves of my Norsk Strikkedesign-inspired cardigan-to-be. I finished the green-on-black bands around both sleeves and around the top of the lower body. The body is all in one piece, with three steeks (for the front and both armholes). The time to make decisions about … Read more

Can we just skip January?

Ah, January. In addition to the snow (see previous entries’ photos; not much has changed), a normal January crams in book distributors’ catalog deadlines, freelance work to make up income for time taken off in December, sales tax filing dates, use tax filing dates, 1099 preparation and sending-out, and more (it used to also involve … Read more

Perseverance furthers, as usual

The phrase "perseverance furthers" recurs frequently in the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes. I use this as a mantra and have for years. Not intentionally. It just comes to my mind on a regular basis. It’s a helpful reminder for projects that take a long time, a description that seems to characterize many … Read more