Knitting on Google

I expect others have noticed before I did that Google’s holiday logos involve knitting (I have been outside shoveling massive quantities of snow, inside dummying a book, and occasionally taking a break to knit a row on a sweater).

There’s at least one more image to come in the series as I post this. The first involved indefinite holiday draping on the letters of the word Google. By the second, two kangaroos arrived to wind the draping (yarn) into a skein.

Today they are both knitting. Good show, kangaroos! Will they be done on time? They look like they’re enjoying the knitting, so my guess is that they have it well in hand paw.

I don’t know what the copyright concerns would be about posting the images themselves in this situation—possibly free advertising for Google, possibly a transgression. Copyright interpretations can be tricky. So just go check the source for your amusement.

Back to work. I want this book I’m working on to be at a specific stage of development by tomorrow morning so I can do some editing and thinking while I travel a bit. Because I’m doing image work, I can listen to music: Capercaillie, Get Out; Grand Derangement, Tournons La Page; Kathy Mattea, Willow in the Wind; Noirin Ni Riain, Celtic Soul.


2 thoughts on “Knitting on Google”

  1. I know this is weird, but most of the time, people prefer that you host a copy of the image on your own server, and include a link back to the page with the original. They don’t want you to put the image on your own page, calling it up from their server. That is called bandwidth stealing.

    So, I hope that makes sense. It’s pretty much common practice to post copies of images in blogs, as long as you link back to where you got it with a credit. I’m sure there are times when more formal permission request would be appropriate, but I’m just reporting on what’s actually being done on blogs.

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