Caps to the Capital: Streamlined labeling

I’ve just read at Wendy Knits! and CatBookMom’s Yarns that the Caps to the Capital project doesn’t have as many caps yet as they expected. Maybe everyone who is participating enjoys watching the pile grow . . . or wants to economize on postage (both apply to me).

I think it’s time for me to pack up the 43 caps I’ve knitted so far and get them in the mail, along with the 4 that friends have given me to mail. Some folks I know of who heard about the program because they saw me knitting and asked about it are mailing their own.

As I am faced with all these caps and the need to label them, I am not about to print out 47 sheets of paper and waste most of the sheets. So I’ve put together a PDF that has 8 labels from the Save the Children action kit on a page. I had to reduce the labels slightly to get them to fit, but they’re still legible.

If I can figure out how to make the PDF available as a download here, I’ll do that, in case anyone else has multiple caps to label and wants to streamline the process.

It’s 290K, which is larger than I wish, but the smaller version was too fuzzy even to accompany yarn. A link to the file appears to be at the bottom of this post and it says "download," so maybe it will work. If anyone needs it and can figure out how to snag it, go for it! Let me know if this trick works, please! (I may take the file down after the project deadline to conserve storage space. Apologies for misspelling Capital in the file name. It’s been a really loooooong day. So long that I am not going to fix it.)

I think I’ll be spending the evening watching a taped episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and tying tags on caps. I’m printing my labels out on cardstock.

Download Caps-Capitol.pdf


2 thoughts on “Caps to the Capital: Streamlined labeling”

  1. I just read your post and thought I’d share my Caps to the Capital story. I’m a teacher and my students and I participated in the Caps to the Capital project. It was a fantastic experience! I have been in contact with Save the Children since the project ended and they let me know about a neat way people can continue to help.

    Visit the link below to see a video about our Caps to the Capital experience. At the end of the video, click the sponsor link and up to 49 cents will be donated to Save the Children. Also, another neat thing is the that the last picture in our video is of a baby in Bangladesh wearing one of the hats we made. It was sent to me by Save the Children. All of us knitters and crocheters, we really do make a difference in others lives! Keep it up!

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