Knitting on Google

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I expect others have noticed before I did that Google’s holiday logos involve knitting (I have been outside shoveling massive quantities of snow, inside dummying a book, and occasionally taking a break to knit a row on a sweater). There’s … Continued

Snow blowing sideways

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So I’m at my desk thinking it would be lovely if the dentist decided that for everyone’s safety he should close the office and send everyone home (this would include cancelling my 12:15 appointment). Then I would not have to … Continued

Eco-audit for Arctic Lace

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Nomad Press, with which I am closely associated, participates in Green Press Initiative, which works with people in publishing "to create paper-use transformations that will conserve natural resources and preserve endangered forests." What this means in practice is that whenever … Continued


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Okay, we’ve got that series titled. At least for the time being. Which is probably long-term as well, because we’ve told the cover designer what words to work with (she already has the images). Type selection begins with the actual … Continued

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