Knitting on Google

I expect others have noticed before I did that Google’s holiday logos involve knitting (I have been outside shoveling massive quantities of snow, inside dummying a book, and occasionally taking a break to knit a row on a sweater). There’s at least one more image to come in the series as I post this. The … Read more

Weather report from several perspectives

Happy almost-solstice! As of tomorrow, the sunlight hours will start getting longer again. I’m ready. Even though it doesn’t seem like they improve much until after the end of February. There will be no mail or newspaper delivery today. The school superintendent has apologized to parents for not canceling school yesterday before mid-afternoon. A friend’s … Read more

Snow blowing sideways

So I’m at my desk thinking it would be lovely if the dentist decided that for everyone’s safety he should close the office and send everyone home (this would include cancelling my 12:15 appointment). Then I would not have to drive in this (the photo was taken after I knocked the snow off the car … Read more

Okay, where was I? Norsk Strikkedesign project status

Warning: Much extremely detailed knitting content. For the basic story, still pretty detailed, skip the items marked “digression.” Early last March, I bought a book and some yarn at the local yarn store that’s just over an hour away from my home. This was not an impulse purchase. The book alone cost $45 plus tax, … Read more

Eco-audit for Arctic Lace

Nomad Press, with which I am closely associated, participates in Green Press Initiative, which works with people in publishing "to create paper-use transformations that will conserve natural resources and preserve endangered forests." What this means in practice is that whenever it is even remotely possible, we print our books on sustainably managed paper. Here are … Read more


Okay, we’ve got that series titled. At least for the time being. Which is probably long-term as well, because we’ve told the cover designer what words to work with (she already has the images). Type selection begins with the actual words that will be dominant, because individual letterforms can make or break a choice of … Read more