Wee caps and coming Arctic Lace blog tour

have a nice stash of tiny caps piling up to send to Caps to the Capitol. It’s still growing.

As of yesterday, though, I was back work at half-throttle—should have been a quarter, but several of the tasks I’d delayed or gotten extensions on couldn’t be put off any more.

No matter how much I delegate to the dogs and the cat, they tend to ignore the necessities
of computer- and paperwork (except the cat, who is proficient at knocking
paperwork off the desk and at impeding my ability to use the computer mouse
because my hand is (1) in her territory and (2) not doing anything so important
that I can’t use it to pat her). I paid some bills I hadn’t gotten to over the
weekend, answered e-mails, set up a phone meeting for today, and designed an ad. We
don’t do many ads, and they always take way longer to design than they should.

show you the caps I’ve knitted, except that I’m still on the part of the camera
manual just after “charge the battery.” Even if I’d gotten to “how to click the
shutter,” I wouldn’t show you my desk just now.

the blog tour for Donna Druchunas‘ new book, Arctic Lace: Knitting
Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska’s Native Knitters
, will
visit this blog. Because I am the book’s editor and publisher, we will be
turning the tables for this installment of the three-week tour. Instead of
having me interview Donna, she will be interviewing me.

my friend Kris, who is a knitter, spinner, llama lover and rescuer, ADD coach, and all-around good person currently living with unreliable phone service despite what I think are at least three phone numbers (ah, technology), brought me a stash of elderberry
and echinacea cough lozenges, one of which is currently helping me think
without cold-induced paroxysms.

I should have plenty here to keep me
focused on answering Donna’s questions.

Loooooong post tomorrow! Lots of inside scoop on making a book! (Four years condensed to one blog post.)