Review of Yarn Expo written!

It’s done! Text: 3000 words. Photos: between 27 and 29, depending (total size for all, web-optimized: 900K). Captions: 900 words.

This may need to be cut to fit the intended space—I don’t have an assigned word count—but it’s whole, complete, and says what I want it to about the experience. If it’s published at the intended location, I’ll link from here. If not, the whole thing will appear here, probably in sections.

Good night.

Addendum: Published! Here’s the Knitter’s Review link.


1 thought on “Review of Yarn Expo written!”

  1. Catherine sent me to your fabulous review of “her” Yarn Expo. Thanks for all the great tips on places to visit & see.

    Fiber Femmes – – would LOVE to publish your review…every single word and every single photo! The FF blog will do a link to your blog and thanks for your consideration.

    Fiber Femmes – Great Women Building a Gracious World.

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