Anchorage, playing catch-up

Today is the final day of Yarn Expo III in Anchorage, Alaska.

The previous two days have consisted of workshops, in three- and six-hour blocks. Today, Sunday, is the Expo itself: twenty-one extraordinary (we hear) vendors in the hotel’s ballroom, and two tracks of one-hour seminars going steadily, one for adults and one for kids to get the next generation of fiber folks off to a good start.

At the moment, though, it’s 6:45 a.m. and quite dark out. However, we are about to head for the Snow City Cafe for breakfast. An unusual thing about this conference is that meals are included for workshop participants (and the hotel has chefs, so the meals have been exceptionally good). Donna Druchunas and I are traveling together and we both get up early and like to see where we are so we have also discovered at least one local resource.

Here’s what the Snow City Cafe looks like after breakfast when the sun’s started to come up (it’s even more like a beacon before breakfast:


Here’s what it looks like inside:


If I lived here, all those bright colors and that clear lighting would be a fantastic resource during the dark winter. Even if it didn’t have interesting art all over the walls (shows are scheduled for a full year in advance) and exceptionally good food. The cafe makes its own granola, which is the sort you want to buy and take home. Yesterday I had a Mediterranean scramble, which was super and obviously gave me enough oomph to bicycle the twenty-two miles of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, including the uphill bits. (That’s an even better link than I found yesterday.)

More soon. I thought I’d prepped a photo for the web that isn’t ready yet, and it’s time for a trip to Snow City. Free wifi throughout the Hotel Captain Cook makes keeping up with e-mails and blogs a matter of finding time, not time plus a connection.