Sweater archaeology: navy blue wool, chunky

Every fall, I get to rediscover the navy blue wool sweater. This week I’ve worn it several times, while outdoors walking the dogs, either without a jacket or with a windproof shell over it. On the coldest days of the coming winter, it will become the most important layer in an upper-body warming sequence that … Read more

Progress on caps; digression about baby blankets

While I was lying low with a cold, I started knitting baby caps for Caps to the Capitol. My knitting time is usually spent testing and editing patterns, or exploring techniques that I am curious about that ultimately end up as part of the publishing and/or writing worlds I inhabit. It’s been nice to knit … Read more

Arctic Lace blog tour here today!

Welcome to day 2 of the three-week blog tour for Donna Druchunas‘ new book, Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska’s Native Knitters. Each stop on the tour has a personality and flavor that’s as individual as the hosting blog, which makes the sequence a lot of fun. The tour started yesterday at … Read more

Wee caps and coming Arctic Lace blog tour

I have a nice stash of tiny caps piling up to send to Caps to the Capitol. It’s still growing. As of yesterday, though, I was back work at half-throttle—should have been a quarter, but several of the tasks I’d delayed or gotten extensions on couldn’t be put off any more. No matter how much … Read more

Knitting (and reading) while coughing

Lynn at Colorjoy! recently wrote about having to (as in MUST DO) take a day off (two posts for 10/20/2006). This is really hard for a self-employed person with a lot of passionate interests, and no sick leave or other paid time off. Yet it’s essential. We are not, despite our intentions and hopes and … Read more

Latvian textile marvels, 2

Those Latvians are doing it again. . . . Incredible textile accomplishments. . . . I don’t have time to participate in many groups or lists, but I do keep up with the Ethnic Knits group on Yahoo. So that’s where I learned about the massive Latvian mitten project last week. Yesterday a couple of … Read more