KnitWear at Fort Collins’ Lincoln Center

I’ve got the next delivery post written, but haven’t had time to key it in. I have, with the much appreciated help of a couple of friends, been preparing for a knitting festival that will take place tomorrow at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Called KnitWear, it’s a first-year event in conjunction with ArtWear, a well established event that celebrates wearable fiber art.

This isn’t a normal type of activity for Nomad Press so we don’t have a routine and have been scrambling to get ready.

The show is 11 to 4 in the Canyon West Room, Lincoln Center, 417 W. Magnolia, Fort Collins CO 80521. Admission is $5, kids under 12 free. If I had figured out the calendar widget by now, this would have been listed and there would have been a link to a map. . . .