Hooked: A new crochet title (narrative)

Last week a box arrived containing contributor’s copies of a newly published book: Hooked: A Crocheter’s Stash of Wit and Wisdom, edited by Kari Cornell at Voyageur Press. I’ve got two essays in it, "One Loop at a Time" and "Mending a Legacy." I found writing on crochet interesting. I take the techniques so much for granted!

Some of the other contributors’ names are familiar to me, some are new. I’ve only met one of the other writers in person, but I look forward to getting to know them all a bit better as I read what they have to say here.

I won’t be hurrying. This is a book to savor, I think. As usual with Voyageur’s textile books, which include For the Love of Knitting and Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales, both of which were edited by Kari, this book feels good to hold and friendly to read.

I see Voyageur also has a new compilation on knitting, edited by Lela Nargi, who wrote Knitting Lessons: Tales from the Knitting Path. The new book is called Knitting Memories: Reflections on the Knitter’s LIfe (August 2006). I’ll need to browse for that one at the bookstore.