Cover for Arctic Lace

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Today I’m going to learn to include an image.

This is the cover of Arctic Lace, by Donna Druchunas. The release date is October 1, 2006. Donna and I will be in Anchorage, Alaska, for Yarn Expo III on that date. This is a minor miracle that came about through the combined efforts of Catherine Hollingsworth (who writes a column on knitting for the Anchorage Daily News called "Two Sticks"), the new Alaska State Yarn Council, Donna, and me. We’re counting days. . . .



  1. Judy

    Hey, Deb –

    Congrats on getting the blog rolling ! Good photo of you and the leaning dog, nice that the photo links to your website; maybe tomorrow, make the image of Arctic Lace link to the Nomad Press site?

    Congrats, well done! (And now we’ll see if this comment actually goes where it’s supposed to)