Cover for Arctic Lace

Today I’m going to learn to include an image.

This is the cover of Arctic Lace, by Donna Druchunas. The release date is October 1, 2006. Donna and I will be in Anchorage, Alaska, for Yarn Expo III on that date. This is a minor miracle that came about through the combined efforts of Catherine Hollingsworth (who writes a column on knitting for the Anchorage Daily News called "Two Sticks"), the new Alaska State Yarn Council, Donna, and me. We’re counting days. . . .



1 thought on “Cover for Arctic Lace”

  1. Hey, Deb –

    Congrats on getting the blog rolling ! Good photo of you and the leaning dog, nice that the photo links to your website; maybe tomorrow, make the image of Arctic Lace link to the Nomad Press site?

    Congrats, well done! (And now we’ll see if this comment actually goes where it’s supposed to)


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