Bicycles and errands

Fall is arriving, with alternating cool and warm days. We had so much wind on Saturday that it blew down a fifty-foot poplar in the park near our house. I doubt that it will be cleared away by this morning, so the kids who go to school from the south side will have the adventure of navigating around it. It’s big.

Between windstorms, my daughter and I have been riding our new bikes to get groceries and take books back to the libraries. Hers had a broken part, as it turned out, which was why we couldn’t keep her seat at the height she wanted it. That’s fixed now. And I have had the pleasure of returning books to the university library without hassle.

I would usually only do this errand on weekends or during the summer, because of the parking situation on the campus. It’s pretty much closed to cars, which is great but sometimes inconvenient for temporary visitors. There are three short-term delivery parking spots near the library, usually full. Other than that, people without parking permits (me) have to leave their cars at least two blocks away—often even farther. I like walking, but I prefer walking in other places and for other reasons.

This time I rode my bike. Even though the university is about three miles from my house, I got there and back in only a little more time than it would have taken me if I’d gone in the car. I breezed past the (all full) delivery slots and rode right up to the book-return chutes. And I did this on a weekday when classes were in session.

Lovely. . . .

I have another post to do very soon.