Anchorage: Yarn Expo III, some photos

Okay, I think I can post photos now. Let’s see how this works. I have a backlog because I was technologically limited. I now have access to the tools, if not all the knowledge I need to use them.

I am at Yarn Expo III in Anchorage, Alaska, sponsored by the newly formed Alaska State Yarn Council. I am traveling with Donna Druchunas, author of Arctic Lace and The Knitted Rug, who has a blog of the trip, too, and is more technologically savvy. However, we are also seeing very different things here, even when we are in the same place at the same time!

Right now Donna’s teaching lace knitting and I’m messing with images and documenting parts of the trip.

This is the Hotel Captain Cook, where Yarn Expo III is being held. These are two of the three hotel towers (that’s me standing there; Donna took this photo). The building’s in three sections so all the guest rooms have views. We’re staying in the tower on the right. There’s a similar one on the left that you can’t see. The tower on the left in this photo is actually the center tower, where the workshops are being held–on that top floor with all the glass windows! That level is called the Quarterdeck.Hotelout_3

Here’s the view from our room. Those are the Aleutian Islands out there in the distance.Room_view_2

There’s a lot of artwork all over the hotel. When we got off the elevator on our floor, this is what we saw. It’s either chain-stitch embroidered or crochet-hooked through a backing. We can’t tell which without being able to get at the back of the fabric, which we can’t. My guess is that it was worked with a crochet hook. An amazing amount of work. I’ve seen at least one other like it on another floor. Great textures and color.Hallway_2

It is remarkable how friendly and helpful people here are. The season is neither summer nor winter, the times this area is known for. Things are generally quiet. It’s been raining–but not today–and about 40 to 50 degrees. Sunrise comes later than I’m used to for the time of year, but it’s plenty light during the day and into the evening, say until 8 p.m. or a little later.

More later. MUCH more, I hope not much later.


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  1. Those weren’t the Aleutian Islands that you saw out the window. They are the Chigmit Mountains across Cook Inlet, the part of the Aleutian Mountain Range that joins the Alaska Range. The Aleutian Islands are actually over a thousand miles further down the mountain chain. Alaska is a lot bigger than many people realize!

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